There was a glimmer of hope for our gamers in something called "story" when the DM mentioned gladiators, but that quickly vanished as the game devolved into a dice game. Essentially, it became just a violent form of Yahtzee. At least the DM attempted to add some verbal flourishes beyond "you hit, he hits." Also, it seems Conan failed to win initiative.

Hm. I don't think I've ever seen this much of Arnold's teeth before. I don't see any fillings.

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Scene: Conan being assaulted by a masked gladiator
DM:His hands reach out to grab you before you can react!
DM:They wrap you tightly like an anaconda.
Conan:I try to break free. I rolled a 6.
DM:You grab uselessly at his armor. His mouth closes in for a bite!
Conan:I... try to break free. I rolled an 8.
DM:His grip is too tight. He lunges upwards, head-butting your nose.
Conan:Does he let go?
DM:What did you roll?

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