Our green DM forces a role onto the muscle-bound fighter, but not before the player realizes why dice games can be fun.

As a late afterthought, I realized that this is the DM doing a role-playing history sneak attack.

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Scene: Conan being assaulted by a masked gladiator
DM:He head-butts you in the stomach.
Conan:I roll a 20!
DM:For what?
DM:Oh, right. Um. While breaking free of his hold, you break his arm.
Conan:I punch his face!
DM:He's stunned, so... Oh wow. Okay, so you hit him, and...
DM:The crowd roars with excitement as the masked gladiator's lifeless body falls to the earth.
Conan:Finally! I only have 2 hit points left. Can I buy that sword now?
DM:You'll have to ask your owner.
Conan:My what?

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