For those who don't get the last joke, "I don't allow bards," it's a reference to the first edition AD&D bards, which were incredibly powerful. It was common to ask a DM if bards were allowed in the campaign. It's also a reference to Shamus Young's current project, Fear the Boot.

That last frame where Conan looks like a dancer was from him doing the end of his sword kata while training. It just so happened, with the framing of Arnold and his sword being off camera, to look like this for a few frames.

In the second frame, I wonder what the guy on the right is thinking so hard about. He's probably contemplating his earnings. Everyone else is looking at Conan's face.

The Roman Gladiators were allowed to keep the earnings from their victories.

According to OSRIC, Fighters get 4 weapon proficiencies to start, and can use up to 2 slots to specialize in a weapon. We still haven't found out what his second weapon is. My guess is long sword.

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Scene: Conan victorious
DM:He falls to your mighty blow.
Conan:Sweet! Any gold?
DM as Owner:I keep the spoils from the gambling. You get to live on to fight another day!
Conan:This sucks. I just read that each gold is worth one x.p.
DM as Owner:The fight earned you... erm.
DM:The fight did earn you 180 x.p.
Conan:Let's see... Add in my 10% attribute bonus... Ding! Level three!
Scene: Conan traveling
DM:You are taken East, to train with a legendary swordsmaster.
Scene: Conan with Swordsmaster
Conan:Another weapon proficiency? I'll take bardiche!
DM:He's a swordsmaster, not a pole-arm master.
Conan:What is it with you and swords? Maybe I should train to be an exotic dancer.
DM:I don't allow bards.

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