There's nothing like a gentle push towards a railroad.

The panel with the guards was a composite from the freedom scene (with Red Hair), and the guards from the tavern scene. Though it was really time consuming to construct, I'm satisfied with the result. The rest of the freedom scene images had to have the brightness increased, as it's a really dark scene.

This freedom scene in the film has the only line spoken by Red Hair in the film, retold here word for word.

On another note, I recently dusted off my old First edition AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide, and noticed that the non-lethal combat was determined with percentile dice and oodles of adjustments based on relative strength, oillyness, and phase of the moon. You know, like most of the rules. OSRIC, though, left this section rather vague. Therefore, I don't need to Lucas chapters 2 and 3.

Update on Jun 27: fixed a spelling mistake for "vengeance".

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Scene: Conan reads a scroll
Conan:This is boring. Is this all we can do in this game? Two pit fighters?
Scene: Outside, night
DM:I was thinking the same thing. One night, while you were sleeping at the slave camp, you are awakened by the sound of an axe.
DM:It is your owner! Cutting your chains free.
DM as Owner:Go! You're free!
Conan:I attack him!
DM:You what?
Conan:Conan takes vengeance on those who enslave him!
DM:He's cutting you free because he thinks you were...
Scene: Owner with many guards standing behind him
DM:Did I mention that he has a regiment of heavily armed guards? And you're weaponless?
DM:He pushes your shoulder.
Conan:I run.

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