Looking up tables does not effectively build suspense. It builds disappointment.

In terms of how long it takes to build a comic, this one took only about an hour and twenty minutes, including screen capture time, but not including script time. I guess I did cheat a little by reusing the same image many times over, but at least those had a border. But then again, these events take place in under one minute of movie time.

Initial drafts of this script either reused the non-lethal combat jokes from the initial comics, or reused the (literally) running joke from the previous comic. I chose this one because it introduced a different topic related to the perils of railroading players.

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Scene: Conan running
DM:You run until dawn, away from the slave camp, along a flat, featureless plain.
Conan:I run back and sneak attack the camp.
DM:But wait!
Conan:{Long pause} Yes?
DM:Just a few more rolls.
DM:{Pause} Cross-reference table 6f...
Conan:Can I take a break and go grab a bite to eat?
DM:Not yet. I've almost got it. Man, you're going to love this.
Conan:{Pause} Now?
DM:Ah. From the distance you hear the sound of... dogs!
DM:A pack of... five dogs!
Conan:Can I take them on?
DM:I statistically computed this random encounter table to weigh the monsters' hit dice, armor class, and special abilities against the party's classes, average hit points, and abilities.
Conan:So, since I'm unarmed, you're saying I should run.
Conan:I just love games where I get to make life-or-death choices.

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