Even if the player starts to think strategically, it can all still come down to the dice. Even with time travelers.

Here, we learn that the player for Conan is still learning the specifics of how to use the dice. We can assume that the DM rolled the three-sided die for the player.

That frame with the modern-dressed fellow running towards the rocks was from the deleted scenes section of the special edition DVD. Apparently, on the first day of shooting, Arnold slipped on the rocks and cut his head open, which was caught on camera.

One problem I've been facing with this comic is the large amount of dark sequences. Up to now, I've been using the brightness / contrast controls with varying success. However, with this comic, I started using the "color curves" tool, which seems to have much better results.

I was originally going to try to reference Expedition to the Barrier Peaks by the DM. However, I couldn't remember the proper title by the time this chapter went to press. Looking at my original script, I think this one worked out better anyway.

I realized yesterday that some people may not understand the "1D3" joke. "1D3" means "roll one die with three sides." Now, in standard dice collections, there isn't such a thing as a die with three sides, however this is commonly referenced in many table top games. You're supposed to roll a six-sided die and divide the result in half. One person pointed out to me that he's surprized at how many games don't explain this one.

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Scene: Conan running towards a rocky hill
Conan:I run towards the rock formation. That should give me a good tactical advantage.
Conan:And I climb up the rocks, hoping for a place where the dogs can't get to me.
DM:One dog takes a bite at your leg.
Conan:I throw down my hide-cloak to throw them off my scent!
DM:The rock pile has a strange symbol on it, above a small passage leading deep into the rocks, too steep for the dogs to follow.
Conan:Tough choice. I go in.
DM:Make a dexterity check.
Conan:{Falling} Oops.
DM:Critical failure! That's 1D3 damage.
Conan:I don't have one of those.
DM:Three points!
Conan:Crud. I'm almost dead again. I cry out for help.
Scene: Modern-clothed man running up rocks
DM:Uh. An advanced time traveler hears your call and comes to your aid.
Scene: Conan lying in a cave

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