Leave it to players to ruin any attempt at proper story telling. Not that our DM is trying to tell a story.

The Tomb of Horrors was released in 1978. I had the priviledge as a kid to look through the original printing of this module. It was a friend's older brother's, so I never got to play it. Wizards of the Coast has released it for a free download here, revised for D&D version 3.5

The simulated attack on the skeleton is a bit cheap, but I guess it works. In the film, Arnold takes the sword from the skeleton, causing it to collapse. It's kind of hard to turn that into Conan swinging a torch at the skeleton.

I find my memory of the movie novelization very interesting. For instance, in the novel, Conan's father came to Cimmera from the south, bringing with him the secret of Atlantean steel. When Conan enters the crypt and steals the sword, he comments that the sword was made of iron, and not superior like his father's sword. The rust had not bitten into the iron, and so it was still usable. However, I can't remember if the skeleton comes alive or not. Funny.

I've been looking at this comic on other people's monitors, and I've noticed that my monitor must have a really good contrast in the dark color range, because the dark sequences look fine to me. I'm now going through the comics and trying to brighten up the panels that are too dark. I never realized just how dark most of the scenes in Conan are; with the film, the visual details aren't necessary as the motion implies most of the shapes.

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Scene: Conan inside a dark crypt, making camp
DM:By the light of your fire, you can just make out the form of human remains, standing in alcoves along the walls.
Conan:What, like a crypt?
DM:Yes. All manner of skeletons, in different states of decay, litter the floor and decorate the walls.
Conan:Oh crap! Undead!
Conan:Is this the "Tomb of Horrors"? I've heard about that. Maybe I should roll up a thief and cleric.
DM:No. Just, look. It's a bunch of motionless skeletons in a small crypt. You don't feel any evil nearby. Sheesh. You don't even have a weapon.
Conan:Oh, right. I grab a burning log from the fire to use as a club.
DM:By the light of the fire, you can make out the form of an ancient king's remains, still sitting on his throne, and wearing his burial armor and sword.
Conan:I carefully approach the big guy. Maybe I can sneak attack before he wakes up.
DM:It's just a very dead man. He won't move.
Conan:I don't believe you. I attack!
DM:Whatever. The skeleton collapses.
Conan:Yes! I won! With two hit points left!
Conan:I loot the armor!
DM:It's rusted beyond use.
Conan:And let me guess - the sword is a bastard sword in perfect condition. Fine. I take the stupid sword.
DM:I suggest you rest first.

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