Apparently, between the last comic and this one, Conan finished off the random encounter. Then, he went back to go after the slave camp that held him prisoner. If you've seen the film, you'll also understand why Conan feels like he's missing out on something. But then, I'm trying to keep this comic PG. So it goes.

The original script called for a reference to "save versus disease," but that doesn't exist. It just wouldn't sound the same if I wrote it up as "the percentile modifications against this parasite carrier aren't in your favor."

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Scene: Conan walking in a canyon
Conan:That was a great fight.
DM:Yeah. Now do you see why I kept after you to get this sword?
Conan:I'll call it "Dog Slayer." Their hide counts as leather armor, right?
DM:They have a higher weight and reduced movement rate.
Conan:So, have I found the slave camp yet?
DM:While trying to retrace your steps, you come across a small mud hut. The smell of many varieties of herbs and incense come from there.
Conan:{sees a hut} I cautiously approach it.
DM:A slender woman opens its leather door.
Conan:{approaches the woman} A wench! I seductively...
DM:Oh, geez. I mean, the hut is quiet, apparently abandoned just recently.
Conan:Hey! You can't do that!
DM:Your save vs. spells isn't high enough for that encounter.
Conan:I feel like I'm getting cheated here. I thought this was an adventure.

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