At least they're trying to role-play.

This comic has several lines directly from the film. Specifically, the line "They trampled the ashes into the earth." Subotai's line is close; the film has him saying, "I am Subotai! Thief! Archerer!"

This comic shows why I chose to go with a different colored speech bubble for Subotai - the color is meant to show that he's speaking as Conan. Interestingly, I only gave the DM one line.

This marks the largest comic I've made so far. I want to try to keep all of the images under a megabyte. I have come close. However, this one weighs in at 1.5 MB. I'll try to keep them smaller, but I wasn't creative enough to cut this one down.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Conan and Subotai talk
Conan:Hey, I'm Conan. I used to be a gladiator, but now I'm free. Wanna join me?
Subotai:What the hell was that?
Conan:What do you mean?
Subotai:You need something heroic. And say it with vigor!
Scene: Subotai reciting his version of Conan's past
Subotai:Something like...
Subotai as Conan:I am Conan! Cimmerian!
Subotai as Conan:My father was the blacksmith of our peaceful village. The Vanir attacked without warning. My people were slaughtered. Their leader murdered my parents before my eyes. The village was burned, and they trampled the ashes into the earth. It was as though my people had not lived at all. I was put into chains and sold as a slave.
Scene: Back to Conan and Subotai talking
Subotai:Something like that.
DM:What about you?
Conan:Hold on. I'm writing this down.
Subotai:Oh, right. Hi. I'm Subotai, a thief and archerer.
Conan:This is so cool. I'm going to start a Facebook page on this.
Subotai:Let's go steal and kill stuff.

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