The DM is learning the fine art of manipulation through fear. Of course, it only works so far. I remember one adventure I ran where the players revolted by seeing how often they could roll up a new character. Subotai is referencing Chapter 8, for those just joining us.

This comic marks the first time I used the Silent Penultimate. I avoided it in Chapter 7 by using a... erm... silent penultimate-ultimate.

The movie was filmed entirely in Spain, apparently. As John Milius said, this landscape looks a lot like Afghanistan. Not that I've ever been there. I'll take his word on it.

In response to the previous chapter being the largest, this is one of the smallest. It also was the fastest for me to make. I think it shows.

For those of you who remember the Saturday Night Live skits with "Lothar of the Hill People" (Mike Myers), its introduction came from these scenes.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Conan and Subotai run through many sweeping, empty landscapes
DM:You run through miles of empty land until nightfall.
Subotai:No random encounters?
DM:Apparently, my random encounter tables suck.
Subotai:Oh, right. We might have encountered more dogs.
Conan:Or maybe a vicious pack of wombats.
DM:Or maybe I could roll for a dragon.
Subotai and Conan: { Silence. }
Conan:What kind of dragon?
Subotai:We make camp.
DM:Good call.

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