This was suggested to me from a friend. His other suggestion was a twist on this scene. In the movie, Conan and Subotai have a theological discussion over whose god is greater (Crom or the Four Winds). The joke was to play on this by having the two debate over whose gods' buffs were better. A great idea, but I'm not talented enough to figure a way to deliver it with any kind of punch.

This comic continues the trend from the previous comic, where it's also small, and has both a Silent Penultimate and a Silent Ultimate panel. It also marks the first time the DM has no dialog.

Subotai is referring to this series of comics.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Conan and Subotai talking at a campfire
Subotai:So let me get this straight.
Subotai: {inset picture of the Owner} A big, hairy guy bought you.
Conan:Yeah. I was a gladiator.
Subotai:He watched you fight
Subotai:while half-naked
Conan: { stares back }
Subotai:against other half-naked men.
Conan: { looks down }
Subotai: { laughs }

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