Whenever I hear about players wanting to go shopping, I seem to picture them trying on clothes and shoes, like in a modern mall.

The term "Nancy" seems like a somewhat common way now-a-days to express that a man is acting feminie, generally regarded as an insult.

Notice how fluidly Michael (Subotai's player) moves between talking about the character in the third person, to referring to the character in the first person. And some people wonder why gamers are an odd group.

The original script for this called for just the single pannel of the two at the city. I even cut a first version of that. However, I realized that there wasn't any narrative bringing the characters to the city, and there wasn't any reason why the two just decided to go run a marathon back in chapter 14. So I got a few more miles out of the camp scene.

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Scene: Conan and Subotai talking at a campfire
Conan:Why were we running for so long last time?
DM:To escape the witch, who owned the hut and captured Subotai, before she returned.
Subotai:I'm not so sure. I think our characters would have been trying to get to a town to find a holy temple, so we could rob it.
Conan:Then what are we waiting for?
Scene: Conan and Subotai outside a town wall
Conan:Let's go shopping!
Subotai:Are you getting a pair of pumps, Nancy?
DM:It's not like either one of you has any money.

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