I remember when I started an adventure with a group of experienced gamers, and the first phrase out of my mouth was, "You are all in a tavern." They all started making "choo choo" noises. That was my first exposure to the term railroading. It was all down hill from there.

I must admit that I first learned this technique from a module. It listed a random rumors table that the players could learn at the tavern. I had no idea how to play it at the time, so I just said, "do you want to learn some rumors," rolled, and told them the answer. Wee! Who knew adventure games could be so much like a magic eight ball?

Yes, I do realize that there's a continuity issue with this comic - the party starts out in short-sleves, then appears in furs. It took me some time to come to terms with this and learn to live with it; you can too. Mostly, I just wanted to make it look like Conan was distracted by something inane, while Subotai had a mission.

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Scene: Conan and Subotai walking in the city streets
DM:Let's do this for real, okay guys? And, Michael, you're paying for pizza tonight as payback for last week.
Subotai:Whatever. I'm going to try to find some locals, to get to know who has money.
DM:As you walk along the dusty street, you hear the jovial sounds that mark a tavern.
Subotai:With extreme delicacy and cat-like movements, we avoid the tavern.
DM:But I thought you wanted to learn local rumors?
Subotai:You won't railroad us that easily.

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