I still don't understand it. The first edition AD&D game had tables for success on spying and assassinations, along with monetary reward tables for assassinations. I can picture the thrilling adventure now. "I go spy." "You succeed." "I go assassinate the king." "You fail, but you can try again." "I try again." "You succeed, and get 1,000 gold." "Yay! What fun!"

This is the smallest comic yet (in terms of image size). Yes, that means the next one will be a whopper.

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Scene: Conan and Subotai are still talking to a street vendor
Smith (DM):You don't want the map?
Conan:No. Do you know about any holy temples?
Subotai:With money.
DM:Fine. Have it your way.
Smith (DM):There's a snake cult with their accursed towers. They claim to bring peace, but wherever those towers spring up, children disappear in the night. I know nothing.
Subotai:For knowing nothing, you seem to know a lot.
Conan:Do you have a map of the tower?

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