Our heroes have avoided the GM's adventure and helped shape one more suited to their likings. Of course, this makes any GM a bit spiteful and less willing to give any slack. It doesn't help that the players are starting to act inept. At least the party hasn't split up.

The GM avoids discussing Conan moving to a bard, since the GM doesn't allow bards. Michael wasn't in the game then, so he's not aware of that.

Subotai quotes from the OSRIC rule book on the topic of the thief's climb walls ability.

I couldn't figure out a way to avoid the silent penultimate panel. So it goes. I'm not too happy with that screen capture, but it was the best one I could get with the two characters together.

I'm constantly surprized by this part of the film. Subotai and Conan are supposedly "adventurers", but they don't have a rope. How many fantasy role players take their characters into an adventure without rope?

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Scene: Conan and Subotai sneak into the Snake Cult Tower's courtyard.
Conan:Aren't the guards supposed to be heavy tonight at the temple?
Subotai:Yes, but remember what that vendor told us. Tonight, they're having a festival of some kind, so there should be extra jewels there for it.
Conan:A lucky bit of exposition.
Subotai:And I rolled successfully for casing, so we're sure to avoid the guards.
Conan:Then let's climb the tower!
DM:You can't. You're not a thief.
Conan:What if I dual-class as a thief?
Subotai:Hey! Cool! Then you can try moving towards bard!
DM:Erm. { To Conan } What's your dexterity?
Subotai:It needs to be at least seventeen.
Subotai:Oh look! It says here, "non-thieves cannot climb walls..."
Subotai:"... without the use of a rope." So there. I'll climb up to the top, and drop down a rope.
DM:Do you have a rope?
Subotai:{Conan and Subotai stand speechless.} I go back to town and get some.
DM:That would ruin your days of casing the temple, and the holy day with the extra jewels would be over.
Subotai:Aw, hells. You should have told us about that.
DM:You didn't plan this until you got to the tower.

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