I can't remember clearly, but wasn't there a player supplement for the Deus Ex Machina character class? Maybe it was a paladin kit.

A friend of mine, when discussing this scene, pointed out that any experienced player would know that, when encountering an NPC who has a quest item that the players need, would have two options: kill the NPC and take the item, or just take the item. Yes, that was one sentance.

As for the film itself, I really liked how John Milius introduces the audience to Valeria from the shadows, and the characters dance. I wanted to keep that feeling in my strip, which meant the first two lines from Conan and Subotai come directly from the film, as well. Nearly, anyway. In the film, Conan addresses Valeria directly.

For those who just saw the film without paying much attention to it, that woman who appears is named Valeria. No, you didn't miss that. You only find out her name by watching the end credits.

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Scene: Conan and Subotai encounter a mysterious woman at the Temple Tower of the Snake Cult
Valeria:{ Conan and Subotai see the leg of a mysterious woman in the shadows. She emerges and draws her sword. Conan and Subotai quickly follow, and all stand at the ready. }
Conan:She's no guard.
Subotai:She's a thief, like us.
Conan:I'm not a thief.
DM:Actually, she's a fighter-thief.
Subotai:Only non-humans can be multi-classed.
DM:She's an elf.
Subotai:You said there were only humans!
DM:Fine. She's a human fighter.
Conan:How will she climb the tower? { Close up of Valeria's sholder, on which she obviously carries a rope. } Oh. So she's a deus ex machina.
Subotai:Whatever she is, I am a thief. I steal her rope.

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