The unspoken punchline to this comic is that, as any real fighter knows, a big hammer is just another name for a lock pick. And since a mid-level fighter's save vs. poison his very good, and also has high hit points, traps don't mean as much. Thieves, then, are good for sneaky back stabs, or stealing when you don't want an army of guards chasing after you. However, most players will realize that this becomes unnecessary when they're in a party without thieves.

This comic was interesting to make. I've been wanting to put together a one-panel comic for a while, and this one seemed to make the most sense. However, there wasn't a part in the movie with all three characters climbing on screen at the same time. So, I came up with some tricks to seam two shots together in The Gimp. Fortunately, the only part that needed to be seamed together was the snake tower; the rest was essentially black. The cauldron in the foreground didn't align correctly, so I added an extra bump at the seam to make it flow better, and added some anti-aliasing on the bump. The snake tower's rings were off due to perspective, so I merged in a copy of the tower behind Valeria's head, and then used the "smudge" tool to push the ring colors together. If you look closely, you can see where the seam was by the one ring that's smushed, and that area's rings are blurred This was my first time doing such a set of tricks, and, overall, I'm quite happy with the result.

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Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai climb the Serpent Cult Tower. Subotai climbs with tools, while Valeria and Conan use a rope.
Subotai:She caught the top of a ten story tower with a grappling hook on the first try?
Valeria (DM):It was a lucky roll.
Subotai:And it was quiet?
Valeria (DM):Quiet enough.
Subotai:What table did you use?
Conan:I'm glad I don't need a high dexterity to climb. Why do we even need thieves?
Subotai:To pick locks.

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