Obligatory Fill-in-the-Punch-Line Contest Time!

Update: The contest has come to a close. You can see the result here.

Can you come up with a good line for Valeria to say in the last panel? Here are the rules:

There. That should discourage all people who read this, and ensure that I make a fool of myself on Wednesday when I post the comic empty-handed.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai are by the well, inside the Serpent Cult Tower, while worshipers process by them.
Conan:What's really going on?
DM:The two of you descend deep into the tower, which seems to go much lower than the height of the tower from outside. The din of rhythmic music and chanting fills the halls, while a procession of women worshipers pass before you.
Valeria (DM):I'll keep watch up here. You two go see what's down below.
Subotai:I'd rather look around a bit, first, to see what we're up against.
DM:They seem to be performing an unholy rite. A woman is being disrobed before the priest as a sacrifice, above a large pit.
Subotai:Too easy. They'll be too distracted looking at her, while we make off with their coffers.
Conan:You go on ahead. I'll stay behind to... um... keep watch.
Valeria (DM):{ intentionally left blank for the punch-line fill contest! }

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