Conan is referencing his run-in with grappling way back in chapter 2. Also, we can only assume that Michael (Subotai) talked his way into starting the battle, instead of suffering with surprise penalties.

I considered adding commentary by the snake through this, but I figured that would over-do it.

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Scene: Conan and Subotai do battle with a giant snake, deep inside the Snake Cult Tower.
Conan:I was surprised, caught flat-footed, and I didn't have a weapon in hand, but I can strike first?
Subotai:Don't question my ability to alert you.
DM:Roll for attack. { Conan sticks his knife into the snake's jaw } You stab it in the jaw! But the knife sticks, allowing the snake to pull you with it.
Subotai:{ Subotai stands with his bow ready. } I draw my bow, aiming for the head.
DM:You won't be out of the tunnel until next round.
Subotai:{ Subotai is back in the tunnel. } Damn!
DM:THe snake constricts around Conan, holding him down.
Conan:Grappled? Not again!

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