These scenes in the film have so much motion in them, which makes it difficult to get a clean screen capture. I had to run a high amount of sharpening on these, but scaling down the images seems to help a bit.

This was originally part of the previous comic, but that turned out much larger than I anticipated.

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Scene: Conan and Subotai do battle with a giant snake, deep inside the Snake Cult Tower.
Conan:Subotai! My Sword!
Subotai:No way. I'm going to kill this sucker. I don't want to waste my round on throwing you cutlery.
Conan:My sword, knave, or taste my wrath.
Subotai:Forget it. Your two-bicep discount won't work on me.
Conan:Conan takes vengeance!
Subotai:Fine. I throw it point-first at your heart.
DM:Conan catches it!
Subotai:Can I dual-class to assassin?

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