In the first panel, Conan refers to Chapter 30, and fails his pun roll (I think that uses a Wisdom modifier). In the third panel, the GM refers to Chapter 28.

Yes, that really is a "censored" block over the lady's chest. All the images of her falling showed flagrant woman's nipples, which is against my self-imposed "PG" rating. Yes, I can show the decapitation of a fake rubber snake, but I won't show an anatomically correct female. Deal with it.

This was originally two comics, but I joined them together to offer up two weak jokes in a single sitting.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Conan and Subotai finished battle with a giant snake, deep inside the Snake Cult Tower.
Conan:Does this mean I disarmed the trap?
Subotai:Oh not this again. You don't have that skill.
Conan:Yes I do. It's right here: "Weapon Specialization: Bastard Sword."
Conan:Then I "dis-headed" the trap. Haw haw!
Subotai:Still, the battle could have turned sour. How many cultists are attacking us?
DM:None. Like you said, they were distracted.
Subotai:Then we climb back up the well - fast!
DM:As you climb the ropes, the woman offering herself falls into the pit, and screams as she sees the decapitated corpse of the snake! The cultists take up arms!
Subotai:Funny how you never mentioned that the room and the pit were connected before.
Conan:Can I disarm the cultists?
Subotai:Just stick to being a fighter.

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