This marks the longest speech in the comic (so far, anyway).

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Scene: Conan and Subotai watch as Valeria escapes.
Conan:She's wearing those cultists' robes! She must be a traitor!
DM:She raises her dagger at you, imitating the priest. He notices her with surprise, but, before he can react, she slices the nearby archer's bowstring, throws him against the priest, and stabs a different guard. She twists a rope from the well around his limp body, and throws him into its depths. The pulley groans under the force of his falling body, and begins to move with new life. The falling body acts as a counter weight, which draws her up the well. She reaches the top in safety.
Conan:It's a trick! Get her!
Subotai:It's bull.
DM:It's called finesse.
Subotai:It's called cheating.

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