Yes, NPCs are people, too. Well, imaginary people. And most NPCs have a deeper motivation than players. Here's the simple formula: players = greed, NPCs = survive after the players leave.

This scene always kind of bothered me. Not because of the two muscle-bound midgets looking like they're about to do something profane to a pig (that would classify as nightmare fuel), but because Subotai, a self-proclaimed thief, ignores the stolen treasure, and goes straight for the women. One possible explanation is that Conan and Subotai already split up the wealth, and Conan is splitting his with Valeria (for various reasons).

Another dialog-dense comic with limited screen cap real-estate. I struggled for a while with Subotai's last line. It kept turning into something that could be construed as questioning Valeria's line of work. This one still has a bit of that implication, but I think (hope) it more implies that, if she becomes a lover, she would take all the treasure, move in, keep them from having a poker night, and rearrange their pottery. Since it was already dialog dense, I trimmed that down a bit.

This comic was a bit late out the gates again. I blame it on the new Medic Accomplishment Pack that Valve released for Team Fortress 2, to which I have again become addicted.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Conan, Subotai, and Valeria enter a tavern.
DM:The tavern offers all manner of food and services, and many locals seem to gossip over a pint of ale.
Subotai:I go whoring.
Valeria (DM):I don't think we could get more base than that. Don't even think about it, Chris.
Conan:What'd I do?
Valeria (DM):Anyway, we need to split the spoils.
Subotai:That's cool. Conan and I split it.
Valeria (DM):I was there, too.
Subotai:I don't think so. You were jerking around with the nudists while we killed the snake and stole the body. It's a two-way split.
Valeria (DM):I brought the rope, and kept the guards from slaughtering you.
Conan:Sounds good. Let's split it three ways.
Subotai:She's a friggin' NPC!
Conan:Shh! I'm about to make my move!
Subotai:Don't give her reason to take more.

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