A twist of the story so intense! The GM's name is Sandra!

Oh yeah. And it's finally revealed the name of the woman NPC. And Valeria has an interesting background. And the story line changes a bit. And the GM is a woman. And there's a new player.

In case you were wondering, I based Valeria's background off of the original stories she was in (in particular, "The Red Nail"). As opposed to the movie, where she had very little background or depth.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Chris, Tom, and Sandra discuss the new player's choice of character.
DM:Chris, this is Tom. He'll be joining us for the game.
Tom:Nice to meet you.
Chris (Conan):Good to meet you, too. Is Michael here yet?
DM:He said he'd be running a bit late.
Tom:Sandra, I really like this elven fighter-thief woman - Valeria.
Chris (Conan):Is that her name?
DM:Yeah, about that.
Tom:Her background sounds really intense - pirate for the Red Brotherhood, then a mercenary, and now she's running from her past. I think I can feel a lot of depth with Valeria.
Chris (Conan):Um, Sandra? Can we make a small change to the story?
DM:Tom, she's a human fighter, actually.
Tom:That's alright. I can always dual-class her later. So, where did you guys stop last time?
Chris (Conan):Speaking of that, can we...
DM:Let's see. We divided up the experience and treasure, ad Conan and Valeria were...
Scene: Conan and Valeria alone, inside a private room. They stare longingly into each other's eyes.
Tom:Oh, hell no!
Chris (Conan):I tried to warn you.

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