Yes, it's a variation on an old gag, but it helps to advance the story. Chris here references all the way back to Chapter 1 for his initial equipment choices, and Chapter 4 for questioning what can be done in an RPG.

For the drunken flash-backs, I used a rotated curve bend filter, followed by a gaussian blur. I initially tried just a series of radial blurs (select everything but an inner circle, and blur, then repeat for sequentially smaller inner circles), but that didn't come out too well.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria and Conan, in a drunken haze, sit in a tavern.
DM:You come to your senses at the tavern table, extremely hung over, and struggling to remember what happened the previous day.
Valeria:Can I check if Valeria was, well.
DM:Violated? Roll a percentile.
Valeria:This might work better if we just play it out.
Conan:You can do that?
Scene: Flashback to earlier in the tavern
Valeria:We drank and had a good time in the tavern.
Conan:Yeah! We partied! And we spent the loot on armor and weapons!
DM:Did you get yourself something worthwhile this time?
Conan:Some chainmail, and a big crown! I keep the cheap jewelery and fury boots, though. But maybe I can buy some chicks, like Subotai.
Valeria:I hope that by "chicks" you mean "hens".
Conan:{ Looks at a chicken } Whatever.

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