Ah, the famous "recap the story so far" trope, RPG style. Conan references Chapter 22, but not accurately. It seems he recalls the line from the film ("They are deceivers; they murder people in the night."), and not what the vendor actually says.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria and Conan, in a drunken haze, sit in a tavern.
Valeria:How did we get all that cash?
Conan:The three of us snuck into a holy temple with naked women.
Valeria:You brought them with you as a decoy?
Conan:No, no. The temple had them.
Valeria:Ah. You rescued them for a reward.
Conan:No. See, the naked women were worshipers. We took the gems and art.
Valeria:You stole the tithings and relics from a holy temple? Didn't anyone think about the consequences of having fanatical religious zealots hunting you down for defiling their temple?
Conan:Don't worry. A vendor told us they were evil.
Valeria:So instead of them trying to convert you from the errs of your way, they'll instead simply kill you in your sleep.
Conan:Wow - you're good. The vendor said something about them murdering people in their sleep.
Valeria:Funny how evil cults seem to do that.
Conan:At least you were just the look-out. Subotai and I killed their snake.
Valeria:That makes me feel so much better.

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