The best bet a GM has at getting the players to role play is to get the characters drunk.

This scene is where I grabbed the guards for the composite image in Chapter 7.

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Scene: Valeria and Conan, in a drunken haze, sit in a tavern.
Conan:You should have seen it! I decapitated the snake! There was blood everywhere!
Valeria:Are the characters still drunk?
DM:More of a hazy hang over, while still a bit drunk.
Conan:My head drops into my food! Ha ha ha!
DM:Well-armed guards enter the tavern, obviously looking for you twod.
Conan:I fall to the floor! Ho ho ha ha!
Valeria:Oh, crap. Valeria readies her sword.
DM:In your sate, you barely manage to unsheath it. The guards aim their crossbows.
Conan:I'm innocent! She's the one who killed the guard!
Valeria:You said she just kept watch. Now she's a murderer?

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