It wasn't until I watched this scene very carefully that I understood what the heck King Osric was talking about here. Rexor, who is the High Priest at the Snake Cult Local #556, just had his temple ransacked, his guards (well, one guard) killed, and his favorite snake, whom he raised since the day it was born, was killed. Rexor was so beside himself with grief that he went and threatened the king of the city to find and bring to justice those responsible for defiling his temple.

King Osric, who had for years chaffed under Thulsa Doom and those snakes in his beautiful city, hasn't been able to move against them, since they now control his daughter, and he fears for her life and his own. That's why he asks this rag-tag bunch of hooligans to deal with the snake cult, and offers them anything they want.

And people still wonder why I like this movie.

Again, I want to try to keep all of King Osric's lines Every. Single. Word. Although, I must admit, that this scene put me to shame. I had to go back and actually listen to the movie to remember what Osric says here. I had it jumbled up in my head, and missed a few parts. I also found out that "outrageousness" is difficult to get into a standard comic bubble.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai stand before King Osric, surrounded by guards.
King Osric (DM):Do you know what you've done?
Subotai:We robbed a temple?
Conan:We fell for your railroad?
Valeria:I think that question was rhetorical.
King Osric (DM):Why, Rexor himself has come before me;
Conan:I dunno.
Subotai:All I remember is that "Smith" guy.
Valeria:Didn't one of you write anything down?
King Osric (DM):Threatened me! The King! What daring! What outrageousness! What innocence! What arrogance!
Subotai:There was that swineherd.
Conan:Maybe it was that witch I never met.
Valeria:Am I going to again have to write all the junk down?
King Osric (DM):I salute you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Subotai:This? This is why I don't go into taverns.
King Osric (DM):Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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