The still image of Gerry Lopez (who played Subotai) was in the extras of the DVD. The image of Sandahl Bergman (who played Valeria) was from her minor role as a muse in the film Xanadu.

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Scene: Conan studies his necklace that he stole from the Snake Cult Tower.
Conan:Hey, Sandra. Where is everyone today?
DM:Let's see... { Image of Gerry Lopez holding a surfboard } Michael went surfing. { Image of Sandahl Bergman dancing } Tom has a dance recital, and needs to rest up for it. { Back to Conan } So, it's just you and me today. I was thinking we could do a short side-quest.
Conan:Just like the old days?
DM:Three weeks ago?
Conan:I've got an idea. I could go discover the secret location of Dr. Doom's power station.
DM:Who? What?
Conan:Yeah! I could throw my sword into the power station's main reactor and ruin his plans before he even notices me!
DM:You've been thinking way too hard on this.
Conan:Just wait till I get going!

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