Another cheap production.

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Scene: Conan studies his necklace that he stole from the Snake Cult Tower.
Conan:You know about that Dr. Doom?
DM:Thulsa Doom.
Conan:About how he killed my parents?
Conan:I was thinking.
DM:Uh oh.
Conan:He killed my parents to make me an orphan, so that he could take me as a slave?
Conan:It's so obvious! He trained me to fight so that I could be his tool!
DM:Red Hair trained you to be a gladiator so that he could make money.
Conan:A perfect cover for him! For, Dr. Doom and Red Hair were one and the same!
DM:So, Doom left his religious stronghold so that he could personally train you?
Conan:Yes! As his tool!
DM:But, you're being sent to take the princess from him.
Conan:Exactly! And Doom is using me to uncover his foes! It was almost perfect. He didn't expect for his tool to bite back!
DM:Remember how I said you could help make the story? You're not allowed to do that anymore.

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