Zork I, for those who didn't get the reference. It's been free for a long while, at least as long as I've been investigating the z-machine (yes, it's a plug for my own abandonware).

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Scene: Conan, mounted on horseback, travels cross-country.
DM:You enter a vast tundra.
Conan:I go East.
DM:You find yourself deep in snow, high atop a mountain.
Conan:I go East.
DM:You are on a wide plain, covered in wild barley.
Conan:I keep going East.
DM:The plain stretches on as it gets dark.
Conan:Just a guess, but I'm going to go East.
DM:The land becomes hillier as you enter a sparse brush.
Conan:I go East, enter the small white house, move the rug, and attack the troll.

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