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From the description of King Oscric, I surmise that Osric is a king of a city state inside Corinthia. Osric says that the Mountain of Power is to the East, and on his journey Eastward, Conan comes across a vast body of water, after traveling very far and over all sorts of different terrains. I suspect, then, that this body of water is the Vilayet Sea. If Conan traveled ENE from Corinthia, he would have been a bit south of a small mountain range, putting him on the border between Turan and Hyperborea. Based on this and similar maps, I think that it's just north of Shahpur.

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Scene: Conan, mounted on horseback, comes upon a mud hut beside the sea.
DM:You come to a beach beside the Vilayet Sea. Your horse splashes the cool, briny water on your skin. The land is nearly barren of vegetation, except for a small patch of tall grass that brushes against a mud hut, beside a campfire.
Conan:I go East. Wait. There's a beach? Are there any babes?
DM:A little man, covered in colorful rags, cautiously moves out of the hut
Wizard (DM):I'm a wizard, mind you! I can strike you down with a word!
Conan:Prove it! Summon a daemon!
Wizard (DM):Um. Don't tempt me to test my powers on you!
Conan:Fine. Cast magic missile.
Wizard (DM):At you?
Conan:{ Laughing } At the darkness!
DM:You've just hit a new low.

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