I was running low on story for this section, so I moved to yet another "characters rehash what happend off-comic" comic. Actually, in my original outline, this whole section of Conan going off on his own wasn't even here. Unfortunately, I came up with a few scattered jokes, and created this side-story.

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Scene: Conan, Valeria, and Subotai sit around a campfire.
Conan:So, I tried to dual class as a cleric, but it turns out you need a deity for that.
Subotai:You didn't.
Conan:Since I was already there, I tried to join as a cleric.
Valeria:They let you join?
Conan:Of course, but it really sucked. It turns out you need to spend, like, years studying. I had to start as a simple pilgrim. They didn't even give me any good gear.
Subotai:I hope you left so that we could finish this dumb campaign.
Scene: Conan, using his fists, to hit a priest to the ground.
Conan:No, no. I expidited my career advancement.

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