There's nothing like a snappy one liner to deliver the punchline. And this is nothing like it.

At this point, the characters are way off the rails, both in the sense of the actual story, and the meta-story they're based on (The Conan the Barbarian film). The people sitting around the campfire are really the players, still trying to hash out where their characters are, and what those characters are doing. It's not like the players will let the DM get away with anything, like, advancing the story.

On an unrelated note, I've added a poll on the forums here, where I ask whether I should publish the source files for these comics. I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter. Thanks!

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Scene: Conan, Subotai, and Valeria discuss what to do with Conan's predicament.
Valeria:How are we going to find Conan?
Subotai:I say let him die here.
Conan:Do I get a say in this?
Scene: Conan nailed to the tree of woe, alone in a vast wasteland.
DM:No, you're stuck on a tree, far away from them.
Conan:Oh, yeah.
Scene: Back at the campsite.
DM:And you two followed Conan as he traveled to the mountain fortress.
Valeria:We did? Since when?
DM:Subotai learned about the mountain's secrets from the lowlands wizard.
Subotai:There's wizards in this campaign?
DM:Conan stayed with him before leaving for the mountain. You just missed Conan.
Valeria:Thanks for letting us know. Otherwise, we might have done something bizzare, like play it in character.
Subotai:I think we should just leave Conan for dead. Since he multi-classed, he's pretty much a useless first level cleric. He can't even use that sword anymore without big penalties. I say he just rerolls a new character.
DM:I'm not goign to railroad a new character into a barren wasteland.
Subotai:But you did such a good job with us. Why stop now?

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