Meta-gaming: the subtle art of players bringing knowledge to characters who would have no way to know it.

Meta-gaming is looked down upon by "real" role-players. But, if the GM paints herself into a corner and can't advance the plot, in comes the magic to save the day. Or a new character who just happens to have the necessary knowledge. But then again, authors have been doing this for centuries.

For me, I can just mark it up as the GM's fault. It seems to have worked well so far.

As for the new Wizard character, I'm trying hard to make Sandra fill him with cookie cutter old wise person speech patterns. Fortunately, I haven't tried to inflict a literal English translation of classical Latin style upon you.

On another note, I decided to go back to the old style of the black background for this comic, to imply the black borders. As the screen captures were all bright, it makes a sharp contrast and seems to work well here.

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Scene: Conan, Subotai, Valeria, and the wizard discuss how to rescue Conan.
Conan:You'll let me take back that multi-classing to a cleric?
DM:You didn't get any experience as the new class. You didn't even cast a spell. So, I don't see why not.
Valeria:Oh, class change, where is thy sting? That still leaves us with the problem of finding the guy. There's no way the wizard could know where that tree is.
Wizard (as DM):As I have walked this land for many years, its paths are like a wife to me. As your friend has kept me company, I consider him a friend as well. I have woven the ether to divine his presence within these ancient lands.
DM:He cast Clairvoyance.
Wizard (as DM):Conan is in great danger! A mere step away from the grave! You haven't much time to save him!
Subotai:Let me guess. You're not coming with us.
Wizard (as DM):The years have worn at this wretched body, making it impossible for me to undertake such a treacherous jouney.
Subotai:{ Speaking over the Wizard } Of course not.
Valeria:I guess we'll go.
Subotai:You have fun with that.
Valeria:Oh no you don't. You're coming with me.

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