Conan won't cry. So I cry for him.

Originally, the script called for the wizard to cast Burning Hands. It's a first level spell, that does 1 point of damage per caster level, per enemy within range, with no chance of saving throws. For a high level wizard, this can do massive damage to a large group of enemies; and it's a first level spell. Later editions put damage caps on it. I switched the story to use fireball, because it's more exciting when you get to throw all those dice.

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Scene: Conan hanging from the Tree of Woe, while Subotai and Valeria discuss their recent adventure.
Subotai:What an adventure!
Valeria:That was the best game session I've had in years.
DM:I thought you were toast for sure.
Valeria:We would have been, but you let me use that cactus.
Conan:Hey, guys.
Valeria:I normally don't care for it, but that was really awesome when you let me roll all those dice for the wizard's fireballs against all those sand bandits.
Conan:Some help here?
Subotai:Yeah. I didn't expect to see that wizard show up. He was a blast!
DM:I thought the story could use a bit of flair.
Subotai:Who knew that wizards with lizards could be so funny?
Conan:{ Yelling } Hey! Guys!
Subotai:What are you whining about now?

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