We just saw some depth to Michael. Will his attitude begin to affect Tom? Do Sandra and Chris share some secret, shared experience that could explain their "getting the joke," while neither of the others do? Will this stream of questions continue into other comics? Find out Wednesday! Same bloody time, same bloody URL!

For those wondering, Conan needs to rest a long while because he dropped into negative hit points.

And, if you didn't catch it, Valeria quotes her lines nearly exactly as they are in the film. Mako's lines (he's simply referred to as "the wizard" in the film) are totally changed to throw her response way out of context.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Conan lies on a make-shift stretcher, while Valeria, Subotai, and the wizard discuss the next actions above him.
Wizard:Conan may have been saved by your valiant efforts, yet his strength has left him. He must recover through many long days of rest.
Valeria:I don't think that we can wait that long. The princess surely falls deeper under Doom's power each day.
Subotai:Can't we just say, "The time went by," and get on with it?
Valeria:Wizard, do the gods owe you any favors?
Wizard:As the desert wastes become so lonesome at times, I have already traded what "favors" they owe me.
Valeria:Then I will pay them! { The wizard and Conan burst out in laughter, and continue on for a long while. } Did I say something?
Subotai:This is why I don't care for deep role playing.

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