The Cave cricket ( Rhaphidophoridae), not that having a creature like this exist in real life has any bearing on whether to include it in a fantasy world; for all we know, there very well could be a breed of cave bird in this world.

I've been making an attempt to keep Tom knowledgeable about the separation between himself and his character (Valeria). He shouldn't refer to his character in the first person. Any place you do see this is Tom making a slip, or talking for Valeria. It couldn't be a mistake on my part.

For this comic, I played around with turning the film scenes into black and white. I finally settled on sticking with the film's actual colors. It's just strange and out-of-place enough to keep. Be forewarned! It will turn yellow!

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Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai move into the cave inside Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power.
DM:The cooks are cutting up meat for a huge soup.
Conan:It's a good thing that there aren't any guards. Or that none of them saw us in those hours of searching.
DM:True. Oh, I was supposed to check that. Well, I can fix that.
Subotai:Chris! Stop that!
DM:The guards carry off the huge cauldron of soup.
Valeria:This may be our best opportunity. Everyone, let's shadow them.
DM:You can't talk to the others without alerting the guards.
Subotai:But you can stomp around like noisy fighters without alerting them.
Valeria:Can Valeria make bird calls?
DM:You don't see any birds in the cave, so you'd likely be found out.
Valeria:How about a cricket?
DM:I guess so, since there are such things as cave crickets.
Valeria:Alright, guys. One chirp means stop, two chirps for move ahead, and...
DM:You can't plan it out now. You're already in the cave!
Valeria:Whatever. I move ahead.
DM:You need Subotai to lead you through the shadows.
Valeria:But he's incompetent!
Subotai:Sandra, will Valeria's scream alert the guards if I stab her?
DM:I'll give you a 35% success chance.

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