Soylent Green for the quotes.

One thing about this scene that's always bugged me is when Valeria kicks the chains, but they don't make any noise.

As for Subotai's ending line, I had trouble putting these words in Gerry Lopez's mouth. I have a huge respect for the man, and making his character say such things does make me feel like I need to apologize to him. But then I stop and remember what I'm doing here.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai enter the Orgy Pit inside Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power.
Valeria:Remember the plan: go in, go out.
Conan:Don't be seen. Right.
Valeria:Valeria moves along the side, staying low, and climbs up on the ledge behind the curtain.
Subotai:I'll do the same on the right side.
DM:Conan notices a large, masked man stirring and serving the soup.
Valeria:Val moves in closer to the princess.
Subotai:I'll move in closer to the people behind the curtains.
Valeria:Drat! Twenty-three! So close!
DM:You kick the chains hanging on the wall.
DM:No one seems to notice.
Subotai:I'll check out the babe closest to me.
DM:Conan sees a human hand in the soup!
Conan:It's people! Soup Green is made out of people!
Subotai:Hey, baby. Care to ride on my long board?
Conan:Only I can stop this madness! Conan takes vengeance!
Valeria:I really hate you two.

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