I've been fighting the urge to throw in Tropes to this comic, so I finally just stuck them into one single page to get it over.

If you're offended by such things, please remember that these links go to the internet, where bad language perists. Also, please remember that the TV Tropes site is highly addictive and can suck away your life.

I'll also throw in Giant Mook, just because it references Conan the Destoyer.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai are in the Orgy Pit inside Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power.
Subotai:I guess it's back to murder, then. Is anyone near me?
DM:Just the ladle man.
Subotai:Wonderful. A faceless mook. Will I get more than one x.p. for him?
Valeria:Val rushes up to the princess.
DM:The princess sits beside the empty schell of Thulsa Doom's armor.
Valeria:Where did the big bad go?
DM:A giant snake slithers through a small hole.
Valeria:He scaled up and ran away?
Subotai:It's a sorting algorithm of evil. We can't take him yet.
DM:Suddenly, two very large and very experienced-looking soldiers enter the room.
Valeria:Does your algorithm account for this?
Subotai:Elite mooks! And a badass longcoat! Run!

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