Remember that Tom (Valeria) is the one taking notes.

All these questions make the players sound like a bunch of kids wondering why the sky is blue. Note that a good GM would cut all these questions short by simply saying, "You don't know. Why don't you ask them?" Some of this Conan should have had as character knowledge, but it quickly becomes tricky to navigate. It's doubly dangerous when the GM has actually created all this history, because the players' questions feed the GM's vanity.

Note that in the film, there's the extra sequence that I omitted where Rexor and Thorgrum were at the mountain, in battle armor. My explanation here doesn't cover that, and I don't have any good answer for it.

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Scene: Valeria, Conan, and Subotai are in the Orgy Pit inside Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power.
Rexor (as DM):I am Rexor! Stand and face me!
Conan:I raise my sword to meet his challenge.
Subotai:You can't take them.
Conan:His challenge can only be answered with steel!
Subotai:Fine. Stay here and be next week's blue plate special.
Valeria:Wait - did you say his name was Rexor?
Valeria:The one King Osric spoke about?
Valeria:The priest from that temple they robbed?
DM:He does look familiar.
Conan:He's one of the raiders who slaughtered my village!
Subotai:Hey - he's already been recycled once. If you make him more important to the story, you'll never be able to defeat him.
Valeria:If he's the lead priest from the tower, what's he doing here?
DM:This is a religious festival, which is why all the followers came to the mountain. Rexor led the people from his tower here, to ensure their safe arrival.
Valeria:So, why isn't he with his followers now?
DM:He's partaking in a sacred rite, in which only those of sufficient rank may attend.
Subotai:And what's with the axe? Clerics can't use axes.
DM:He's not a cleric - he's a political appointee.
Valeria:If your goal was to make him a lesser foe, then you just monumentally failed - he now has a back story.

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