GM versus Player battles usually end up with grudge monsters before they reach a rocks fall, everybody dies. Standard fare, really. They don't really punish the players as much as teach them who's really in control.

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Scene: Valeria, Subotai, and Conan escape from Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power.
Valeria:What do you mean - the party escaped?
DM:You all made it to the tunnel before the room collapsed.
Conan:{ Carrying the princess on his back. } Let a real fighter carry the princess.
Valeria:The party should have all died.
DM:I'm not going to inflict a cheesy party wipe on you.
Valeria:But they acted so stupid. It's only right.
DM:I'm the game master, and I say you lived.
Valeria:You're too soft on us.
DM:You're right. Conan and Subotai esacpe ahead of you, but you're too busy whining to notice the guards laying in ambush. { 2 guards stand before Valeria. }

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