A side joke to delay the inevitable storyline.

I've been saving this joke since March, when I first started working on this comic. This joke was stolen from How to Be a Superhero, Save the Universe in Thirty Days or Your Money Back, (1992) by Mark Leigh, Mike Lepine, illustrated by Steve Dillon. book cover art It's a hysterical book, although some of the humor doesn't carry well in our new, enlightened age, and comes across as written by an adolescent.

Of course, the last line is stolen from The Princess Bride.

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Narrator:When working on your memoirs, you want to be sure that you are remembered as a hero in the best light:
Scene: Conan and Valeria gallop past on horseback.
Valeria:I jump in front of the arrow to save Conan!
Scene: Conan holds Valeria close in his arms.
Conan:You saved me!
Valeria:I'd come back from the dead and do it again if I could.
Conan:I shall ensure your name is remembered forever, dearest friend.
Narrator:As opposed to what really happened:
Scene: Conan and Valeria gallop past on horseback.
Conan:I duck behind Valeria.
Valeria:You what?!?
Scene: Conan holds Valeria close in his arms.
Conan:Whew! That was close! It's a good thing you've got such a large backside.
Valeria:You... bastard!
Conan:I check to see if she has any loose change.

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