The end of a friend.

A great GM gives the players a chance to role play their characters. Killing the player isn't the best way to get them going.

I think Michael is getting a snack during this.

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Scene: Valeria lies on the ground, as Subotai and Conan tend to her mortal wound.
Valeria:So that's it? She's dead?
DM:She's going through her last moments.
Valeria:Is this for saying you were too soft on us?
DM:No. You said you wanted a chance for real role-playing. Have at it.
Valeria:Fine. { Valeria begins her speech as Conan plays with the snake arrow stuck in Valeria's side. } Too soon! Only now, in death, do I see my fate! The pale face of death stands before me! Friend Conan, I hope my efforts to save you go not in vain! It's your turn.
Conan:Oh, um. Gee, I'm really sorry you're dead.
Valeria:{ Pause. } You're horrible.
Conan:We're done, then?

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