The "adventure in a jar" joke is a reference to the old Dragon Magazine article Bazaar of the Bizarre. Some of these items would be an entire adventure simply by trying to use it, after the adventure for finding it. Interestingly, while researching for this comic, I tried to find a reference to my favorite one, about the scroll of Nimrod's spells. It was the funniest thing I remember from that magazine, having such memerable spells as:

However, I wasn't able to find anything on the web regarding this. Strange.

I was really torn on how to approach the "flashback" parts of this comic. I've been using the ovals to indicate a flash-back, but in this one it just wouldn't lay out correctly, and just looked wrong. So, I'm giving a nod to Darths and Droids by using Sepia for the "old picture" effect. Far be it for me to be even remotely close to consis tent.

Update: I forgot to thank Scalenex on the forums for the suggestions on how to handle the Conan resurrection.

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Scene: Valeria, dead, discusses how she can come back with her party
Valeria:That's it? She's dead?
DM:The arrow punctured a lung, and filled her veins with poison.
Valeria:That wizard should be able to save her, like he saved Conan.
Subotai:Just how did a wizard cast Resurrect?
DM:He has a relic, a quill of Raise Dead.
Subotai:Shouldn't only clerics be allowed to use it?
DM:It's special.
Valeria:Then why'd he have to perform a ritual?
Subotai:It's an adventure in a jar.
Wizard (as DM):No, it was to appease the local gods, which would ensure success.
Valeria:Is that why I had to fight those mist imps off him?
DM:The, um, magic ink was protected by the imps. Using the relic angered them.
Valeria:Will anyone fend off those imps from Val? { Wizard and Subotai look at each other, and Conan looks over the body of Valeria. Valeria is then on a funeral pyre, burning. } Oh, thanks guys. I'm feeling the love.

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