At last! A reveal!

This now takes the cake for the longest comic to create. I wanted to go for a pure line-rendered image of the players, but either my talent at it is lacking, or the Gimp just isn't made for it yet. Whichever, I discovered that making a photocomic this way is much, much easier than actually using some artistic talent.

Oh, and, yes, I know that all my various art teachers throughout the years are probably pulling out their hair at my ignoring the human proportions. Oh, and that's supposed to be Michael's (Subotai) hair.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Valeria lies on a funeral pyre, which is on fire.
Valeria:I need a new character.
DM:I don't want you rolling up someone this late in the adventure. You'll have to pick an NPC.
Valeria (as Wizard):There's only the wizard.
DM:Here's his character sheet.
Valeria:{ Subotai and Wizard give a dumb look. } What the hell is this?
DM:See, magic is really limited in this world, and...
Valeria:"Speak to Sealife Three Times Per Day?"
DM:Yes. He lives by an inland sea, so...
Valeria:"Summon Giant Egret?"
DM:He needs spells that reflect his environment.
Scene: The players are sitting at the table, arguing.
Michael:Ho did he cast fireball?
Tom:He's a beach druid?
Sandra:I hate this game.

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