Apparently, since the last comic, the group has taken a break. Tom still seems to be sulking.

As a refresher, Tom was playing Valeria, until she died. Michael is playing Subotai, and Chris is playing Conan. Sandra is the GM. I was going to put together a cast page, but some of this is a reveal that would ruin the story to new readers.

Comments? Throw your words at the forum thread and see if it sticks.


Scene: Subotai and Conan sit and talk.
Conan:Michael and I talked things over while we were outside.
Subotai:Conan will use his fighter skill to direct us in building up battlements. We're going to take on the bad guys here. It should be easily defended.
DM:What makes you think they'll attack you here?
Conan:We're going to chain the princess to a rock as bait.
DM:You're going to lure the bad guys into rescuing the princess?
Conan:Pretty cool, right?
DM:Tom, come in here. I found another character for you to play.

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