Pitting players against each other can be a fine outlet for nerd agression. However, what chance does a role player have against a munchkin in a grudge match? A much, much better chance, because a true role player won't allow pesky things like dice get in the way of her goals.

The title comes from the shareware episode of the first Doom game.

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Scene: Subotai and Conan prepare their battlements, while Tom tries out his new character, Thulsa Doom.
Conan:How can Dr. Doom join our party?
Thulsa Doom:He's not. He'd go straight for the princess and your necks. Not in that order.
Subotai:We get to fight Tom? Awesome! He so has it coming.
DM:Here's his character sheet.
Thulsa Doom:Woah! You guys are so toast!
DM:Tom, you need to keep him in character.
Subotai:You are so toast, Tom.

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