I struggled for a really long time on which class Thulsa Doom was. I didn't want to cheat by choosing a multi-classed character. For a while I thought he would fit a Ranger, but they have to be of good alignment. Thulsa Doom doesn't quite fit that description. Since Assassins can use any weapon, and Thulsa Doom is seen in mostly leather armor, I thought it was a good fit.

The First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide has a treasure for the arrow of slaying. To quote, "If the arrow is employed against the kind of creature it has been enchanted to slay, the missle will kill it instantly if it hits the target creature." Note that "kind of creature" includes a distinction between character classes. This item is so powerful in the right situation, it's a borderline game killer.

Thulsa Doom, having been an NPC, would be almost expected to be loaded down with magical trinkets with the note, "usable only by an Assassin controlling 100 or more followers, and with the initials T.D." Meanwhile, Subotai and Conan never gained any magical items. Except for that Eye of the Serpent. Whatever that is.

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Scene: Subotai and Conan prepare their battlements, while Tom tries out his new character, Thulsa Doom.
Thulsa Doom:Thulsa Doom is really an assassin? That explains a lot. But, how did he get a following of religious zealots?
DM:That earring of mass charming, and the amulet of charisma.
Thulsa Doom:What kind of whacked-out magic bow is this? No wonder he hit Valeria with it. And it hit with an Arrow of Slaying?
Subotai:Arrow of Slaying? Are you kidding me?
Conan:Why don't I have anything like that?
Subotai:We'd better review those defenses again.
Thulsa Doom:With his army of loyal followers, your feeble battlements won't stand a chance.
DM:Tom, you need to keep it in character. Your followers are peaceful...
DM:...and you need to keep that illusion up with them. But you do have fourteen elite guards.
Subotai:You need an army to take on the two of us? Pathetic.
Thulsa Doom:Doom may not be much of a fighter, but I'll keep one of those arrows just for you.

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