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Scene: Subotai and Conan finish preparing their battlements, while Tom, playing Thulsa Doom, is out for a snack.
Subotai:{ Wearing full armor } That looks about right. We'll only need to cover two entrances.
Conan:And the spike trap is set?
Subotai:Yes, your silly contraption is here. I don't know why you bothered; it'll never work.
Conan:I call it the Spike Master 5000. Patent Pending.
Thulsa Doom:Hey, Sandra, guys. Um...
Subotai:You're back just in time. We're all set to go.
DM:Tom, here's your copy of the map. It's marked with the visible features.
Thulsa Doom:You used hex paper? Well, alright. I'll send in the army. Are we there yet?
DM:Don't you want to scout out the area, or something? Anything?
Thulsa Doom:Nah. They're two wimps against my elite guard. It'll be no sweat.
DM:What's that on your breath? Don't tell me you ate all the bean dip.
Thulsa Doom:Not all of it, but now you're out of rum.

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